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About Us

Our mission is to become the best diagramming tool and spare no effort for it.

There is an adage: A picture is worth a thousand words. It means complex ideas sometimes can be conveyed by a single image. In the same way, we believe a diagram can convey the main points more effectively than a mere verbal description.

ProcessOn is an online diagramming platform dedicated to provide the best diagramming experience. Users can easily create a variety of diagrams such as flowcharts, mindmaps, mockups, BPMN, UML and so on. We think the diagrams can help us better understand and memorize things that are abstract and obscure. It will be a nice idea to use a diagram rather than lots of words when you explain something complicated to others.

ProcessOn is not only a diagramming tool but a knowledge sharing community. We encourage users to publish their own diagrams and share their knowledge with others. All diagrams contain knowledge - the visualized knowledge. We hope everyone here can find the diagrams that are helpful to themselves.